Why Study in

New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand will help you to enhance your career prospects, as most of the courses offered by the Universities are Job Ready! Moreover the NZ institutes are known worldwide for their high standards. Here you can streamline and fast track your career and set the pace of your lifestyle. You can embrace the vibrant culture and escape into tranquil nature.

Why BBC Education

  • 01 New Zealand Education Specialist
  • 02 We represent most of the institutes in NZ and can help you to secure admission in your preferred course and University
  • 03 High Visa Success Rate
  • 04 Post Landing support
  • 05 Potential advice towards PR under guidance of NZ Licensed Immigration Advisor

9 Reasons to Study in New Zealand

  • 01

    Quality and Recognition


    Courses taught in New Zealand are NZQA approved which makes them globally recognized. Moreover, institutes in NZ promote job ready courses which has more weightage while seeking employment.

  • 02

    Work while you study & Beyond


    With a New Zealand student visa permit, you can work up to 20 hours a week during term time, and up to 40 hours a week during the holidays. New Zealand has a work right policy, which allows international students to obtain 3 years* open work permit after completing their qualifications.

  • 03

    Spouse can accompany you


    If you are married, your spouse can come along with you to New Zealand. The dependent permit allows your spouse to work full time while you complete your studies.

  • 04

    Safe and Peaceful environment


    New Zealand is one of the safest and friendliest places you can choose for your studies. Kiwis are known around the world for easy going and friendliness. It is considered to be the second most peaceful country in the world.

  • 05

    Prosperous with a strong economy


    New Zealand has ranked number one in the world in the Prosperity index for six of the past ten years. In addition, they have experienced a strong economy resulting in heaps of job opportunities for international students.

  • 06

    Value for Money


    If you plan to study abroad with limited resources than New Zealand will meet your expectation. NZ offers affordable fees for international students and gives an absolute value for money

  • 07

    Pathway to PR


    Studying in New Zealand has become an indirect pathway to receive a New Zealand PR visa

  • 08

    Children can accompany you


    In case, any international candidate has children, they can be brought along. And the child is provided with free education from age 5 up to age 18.

  • 09

    For limited time only


    The visa regulations are subjected to change from time to time. Hurry and talk to one of the experts at BBC to discuss your options!