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Social Science focuses on study of society and the relationship among individuals within the society. Social science subjects are wonderfully varied, offering a wide range of career progression routes following completion. The scope is broad, but these subjects are united by one thing – a focus understanding the workings of human society.

major Subjects

  • Social Studies
  • Social Policy Development
  • Psychology
  • Counselling
  • Politics
  • Social Anthropology
  • Social Policy
  • Sociology
  • Community Leadership
  • History & Culture
  • Environment Planning
  • Linguistics
  • Drugs and Society
  • Development and
  • Rural Development
  • Wildlife Management
  • Economics and policy development
  • Water Management and policy
  • Natural recourse Management
  • Global Health and development
  • Public Administration
  • Poverty up liftmen

Employment Opportunities

  • Social Worker
  • Welfare Worker
  • Diplomat
  • Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Politician
  • Human right advisor
  • Policy Analyst
  • Community worker
  • Public Administrator
  • Youth worker
  • Policy and Planning Manager
  • Refugee Settlement officer
  • Government jobs


Annual Average Salary in New Zealand

Median NZD$ 54,000 – 70,000